It’s all about the long-term

We understand what it takes to build a successful, enduring company.  We are committed to supporting each and every one of our founders through every step.


Above all, we invest in people. Personally and professionally, we value a person’s hustle, curiosity, drive, and humility. We learn from and challenge each other to always improve. We are dedicated to helping each and every person grow and achieve their full potential, and we work passionately to retain the entrepreneurial spirit and culture that created our firm.


We are fundamentally on a mission to discover the technologies of the future. Every aspect of modern life is being impacted by new, disruptive technologies. These revolutionary technologies will have a transformative and far-reaching impact on global markets, industry, and everyday life. At its core, entrepreneurship is born from a vision about the future, and nothing is more exciting to us than building this future through our companies in which we invest.


Great leadership requires conviction, courage, and independent thinking. Our investment decision comes from a deep conviction, sometimes in just an idea. We lead and we’re often the first institutional capital into our companies. We know first-hand that not everything goes according to plan and we aspire to be the best partner for the long-term.


It takes more than funding to build an enduring company. We believe in the power of surrounding ourselves and our companies with a strong and diverse community that can help us and our companies grow. We understand that being an entrepreneur can be a lonely job – we organize several intimate events throughout the year in Boston, New York, and San Francisco to celebrate successes and brainstorm challenges. Join us!