the future.

We are in the infancy of a new age. Every aspect of modern life will be impacted by new technologies -- artificial intelligence, distributed systems, cloud computing, ambient intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and augmented reality. These core technologies will have a broad, transformative impact on global markets, industry and everyday life.

​ A hyperplane is a mathematical tool used to enhance the understanding of complex data - from images to real-world events. The hyperplane symbolizes our investment model. Hyperplane partners with exceptional founders who are harnessing machine intelligence, sensor technology, and cloud computing to solve the world’s hardest problems -- uncovering the underlying structure of each problem and creating solutions at the nexus of perception, communication, intelligence, and insight.

We are in a unique position to capitalize on these technologies and foster the next generation of foundational companies. The Boston ecosystem has an unparalleled academic heritage, an extraordinary talent base and a world-renowned research community whose fabric fuels all members of this burgeoning new startup landscape.

Our Portfolio

is a collaborative, programmable spreadsheet for financial professionals

providing cities with data on the opioid epidemic: the biggest public health crisis in the United States


is building software infrastructure to apply the work of data scientists and bioinformaticians at astonishing scale

Enhances chronic disease management with patient-generated behavioral data and evidence-based technological interventions.

is providing a scalable, reliable, secure platform for equity & portfolio analysts with unparalleled processing speed for financial data

is making it possible for everyone to do rigorous statistical analysis, even when their data is expensive, sparse, or complex.

is developing productivity tools and workflows for machine learning allowing programmers to perform like data scientists

is building a predictive AI engine to enable the self-driving cars to navigate the complex physical and social environment. We have both full-time and part-time positions available


is creating a private elastic compute cloud for enterprises out of idle server and cloud resources

augments your coding environment with all the web's programming knowledge - the smart copilot for programmers

has simplified Industrial IoT for the factory floor with a real-time manufacturing analytic platform that makes monitoring your CNC machines simple.

provides a real-time commerce platform that increases sales for banks. 

is a performance accelerator that plugs into open-source databases, making them orders of magnitude faster. That's like flying instead of walking.

deploys construction job site sensors and provides a software analytics platform to view and manage data

is dedicated to providing a cloud database solution that automatically organizes and stores sensor data to make it highly available.

is a self-writing CRM that automatically updates itself and helps you to focus on selling.

is your Service Assistant, bringing an A.I.-powered service desk to HR, IT, and other internal service teams.

Tive’s low-power multi-sensor tracker uses cellular connectivity to provide real-time monitoring of shipments so you are always aware of location, climate, and shipment integrity.

combines decades of satellite imagery with a machine learning platform to answer critical, time-sensitive economic and environmental questions.

uses piezoelectric materials to create the most reliable and advanced MEMS microphones on the market. 

is rethinking routing by taking the control plane and putting it into the cloud