On April 28th, 2022, Hyperplane hosted a Lunch & Learn workshop session with an intimate group of portfolio companies’ CTOs to discuss the challenges of hiring technical talent and best practices recruiting sourcing, and hiring. When asking our portfolio CTOs what problems they were facing amidst a fluctuating market, the answers were shockingly homogenous: recruiting top technical talent was top of mind. We were joined by the incredibly insightful Tatiana Gupta, a seasoned executive search expert who cut her teeth headhunting at Russell Reynolds and Spencer Stuart and ran the session with our CTOs. Today, her focus is on helping startups and scale-ups to implement best practices for their talent recruiting game. At Toast, Tatiana brought her years of executive search experience to help them think through strategies for their Executive Talent Acquisition operation.

Tatiana addressed the current macro and micro-level market conditions as they relate to hiring technical talent, and explained the importance of implementing a data and process-driven approach to every step of a team’s technical talent acquisition strategy. She emphasized that at the core of successful and competitive technical talent acquisition function sits the necessity to build an attractive company. Across multiple examples, Tatiana explained that attracting talent can be streamlined by defining culture and developing leadership and core principles that are valued by every member of the team. Sourcing, building a strong talent funnel function, and closing candidates were other extremely valuable topics she discussed with us during our session. We’d like to thank Tatiana for all of her insight and guidance and our CTOs for their participation and thoughtful contributions to such a valuable conversation!

CTO Lunch Learn Tatiana Gupta