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I've always been a genuine extrovert, truly energized by learning from people and their stories.

Growing up, I understood the multi-faceted challenges of running a business as I watched my dad run a general contracting business he started in his early 20s with just his phone, an old desktop computer, my mom’s Microsoft Word skills, a work van, and a shop to build artisan cabinetry. In seeing him manage the entire operation, I developed a strong appreciation and admiration for the hustle required for entrepreneurial success.

My brother and father are both severely dyslexic and as a result, my father always placed an emphasis on fixing things with our hands. There always seemed to be some sort of project going on in the backyard with various pieces of disgruntled machinery. My dad inspired us to be curious about things we didn’t know or understand and encouraged us never to be afraid to get our hands dirty. It was lessons like those that ultimately led me to mechanical engineering.

The importance of making a meaningful impact and leaving an intentional and thoughtful mark on the world was cemented by a few pivotal experiences in college. I went abroad to Barcelona in 2018 for an engineering co-op program. My internship was in a prosthetic and orthopedic clinic with a patient-facing doctor’s office in the front and a manufacturing facility in the back for real-time device manufacturing and tweaking. We worked with pediatric patients with physical limitations, and I will never forget the feeling I felt after modifying two leg braces for Julio, a nine-year-old boy with severe growth impediments, enabling him for the first time with the tools to walk.

In 2021, I met the Hyperplane team and have since learned quickly the importance of wearing multiple hats. On the investment team, I have spent my time focusing on AI-based solutions in the industries of logistics and supply chain, robotics, vertical SaaS, sales enablement, and, most notably, healthcare. I also write a newsletter for thousands of Bostonians interested in local financings, Boston Tech Deals!

Before joining Hyperplane, I worked as an engineer at iRobot, ensuring that pre-launch product lines were functional, ergonomic, and seamlessly integrated into the iRobot product network and brand. My role focused on the optimization of both functional design and human factor considerations for consumer robots.

Before iRobot, I contributed to engineering efforts at Embr Labs, investing functions at the Engine and medical device design across orthopedic and prosthetic clinics and academic research labs.

I have a German Shepherd named Stella and am pathetically obsessed with her. Like, a full-on dog mom obsessed. I love animals and nature and, given the opportunity, would have loved to be a farm girl. My happy place is anywhere with trees, a result of my childhood spent between Boston and Vermont.

I’ve always been driven by routine, a trait that lends itself well to being generally very active and playing sports. Exercising the edge of mental and physical boundaries makes me tick. I use fitness as an outlet for any source of stress and love the process of working towards any goal. For example, the idea of training for a marathon is the most exciting part about running one, which also happens to be one of my bucket list items.

Abigail spin instructor

I’m a spin instructor across the Equinox Boston studios and love empowering people to reach their own level of “wow, I can really do this” – it is truly energizing. Teaching has allowed me the opportunity to uplift and empower others, help them recognize their potential, and test their personal boundaries.

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Fun Facts

Childhood Memory

A nerd from the earliest days, in 5th grade, I memorized the first 40 digits of Pi and can still recite them today. 🥧 ✖️ ➗🥧 ✖️ ➗ 📐🥧 ✖️ ➗

Favorite Engineering Experience

I’ve worked for several prosthetic clinics on both the engineering and patient-facing side of the fittings, and one of my favorite patients was Lionel Messi.

Favorite Travel Destination

Solo traveling has become my preferred means of travel. Favorite solo destinations so far: Koh Samui island in Thailand and the Canary Islands in Spain.

Favorite Book

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. The first book that ever made me cry - and by cry I mean full-on sob.