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I've always had a strong fascination with technology.

I grew up in Sunnyvale, California with my parents and two older sisters. Both my parents were entrepreneurs, and I didn’t fully appreciate it until later in life. Around the time I was born, my dad bought a small property management firm and operated it alongside a franchised real estate brokerage. My mom is a hairstylist and ran her business out of an extra room in my house.

Growing up, I had a strong fascination with technology. I loved flipping through “The Joy of Computers” published in the 80s which brilliantly illustrated state-of-the-art computers. I spent many hours in middle school “jailbreaking” my iPod Touch so I could play with a GameBoy emulator. When my parents upgraded the family computer in the living room, I turned the old one into a Ubuntu Mail Server.

In 2016, I met Hyperplane through various leadership roles within Northeastern’s entrepreneurial community. In January 2017, I joined Hyperplane as a Co-op from Northeastern University and then full-time as an Analyst in January 2018 where I focused on various applications of Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, PropTech, and Blockchain/Web3.

After three years on the investment team, I was promoted to Principal and led our investments in Greeneye Technology, Modulate, Pact, FoxyAI, and several others.

In October 2022, I joined Elucidata, a Hyperplane portfolio company, and remain active at Hyperplane as a Principal. At Elucidata, I’m working with the commercial and product teams on several growth initiatives including partnerships, pricing, and revenue operations.

Prior to joining Hyperplane, I’d racked up significant experience in the venture space even at a young age. I worked as a Co-op at Hercules Capital and Harvard Management Company, interned with New England Venture Capital Association, was a student Venture Partner at Contrary Capital, was a Venture Coach at Northeastern’s IDEA Accelerator, and led Northeastern’s Entrepreneurs Club.

I have a long list of hobbies, including playing golf (either ball or disc), homebrewing my own beer, snowboarding in the winter, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. I enjoy trying new hobbies to see what sticks. I am always down to go bowling or to play squash, and recently learned that I am not cut out for glass-blowing.

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Fun Facts

Favorite Store

Williams Sonoma

Nerdiest Quality

I listen to astrophysics audiobooks to fall asleep.

Favorite Candy

Sour Patch Watermelon

Favorite Concert

Van Halen

What did you want to be growing up?

I have a drawing from Kindergarten showing me as a mobile home builder…

Who is your favorite Twitter follow?

Massimo (@Rainmaker1973)

What’s your walk-out song?

Le Freak - CHIC

Morning or evening?


What was your first job?

Driving Range Tractor Operator